Support for restoreDateTimeOnExtract with SL5

Oct 31, 2012 at 10:41 AM

Thanks for the conversion of the SharpZiplib to Silverlight.
 I need to maintain the date / time on the files & folders on zip and unzip when working with FastZip

So I thought I could use the property restoreDateTimeOnExtract however this does not seem to work. Looking in the source code this is understandable, because the line responsible for this is commented probably because it's not available in Silverlight :)

// File.SetLastWriteTime(targetName, entry.DateTime);

However when using SL 5 in full trust we could use automation to adjust the modifydate on the folder & file. Is this something that will be available in a next version?

Furthermore the modified date on a folder is not persisted in the zip file because when a folder has matching files no directory entry is made. To keep the modified date, I think for all folders a directory entry should be made. Commenting this line in FastZip.ProcessDirectory should work?

// if ( !e.HasMatchingFiles && CreateEmptyDirectories ) 


I wonder if a SL 5 version will be available and if the "restoreDateTimeOnExtract" will be implemented ??

Thanks. Regards, Corné